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G-Force Adventure Center is CLOSED

We are moveing to the Bangor Mall.
Sorry we do not have an opening date yet.


Stay safe and healthy everyone!
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We are Closed Today.   Please visit us again.
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RESERVATIONS... Please call or text Brian at 207-227-5562 to reserve your spot. WALK-INS MAY NEED TO WAIT FOR AN OPEN SPOT. Reservations are strongly suggested.
EVERYONE on the property MUST WEAR A FACE COVERING IF NOT VCCINATED. There will be no exceptions. SOCIAL DISTANCING will be enforced.
G-Force will be closing the Brewer location on February 21st , BUT WE ARE Moving to a New Exciting Location at the Bangor Mall. :-) Follow us on Facebook for updates and a grand re-opening date.

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Inflatables & Games


150' Obstacle Course
38' Obstacle Course
35'L x 40'W x 16'H Obstacle Course & Slide
25'L x 22'W x 14'H Obstacle Course Slide Combo
Wipeout Balls
Giant Bounce House
Giant 27' Inflatable Slide
22’ Rock Climbing Inflatable Slide
Crayon Toddler Bouncer


Food Items


Cotton Candy
Snow Cone
Slushie Machine


Ultimate Twister64
GaGa Ball
Basketball Challenge
Football Challengee
Soccer Challenge
Skee Ball Game
Hover Ball


Other Options


Photo Booth
Custom Photo Events & Swag
Tent Rental


* Practice your sharpshooting skills with Hoverball also known as (S.A.F.E Archery™). It’s a game designed around the concept of trying to score as many points possible in a target archery setting. The name of the game is simple nock in your arrow using the patented Safe Knock™ system which allows even beginners in archery to be able to safely load up an arrow. Pull back the string and let the arrow fly towards the hovering ball target of your choice. The arrows are designed to be just as aerodynamic as their regular counterparts and work just like a real bow. Get four consecutive shots in a row and win a free game of laser tag!!!


* Bumper soccer is a creative brainchild of both the classic rules to the game of soccer as well as a fusion of the concepts bumper cars and sumo wrestling. Players suit up inside giant inflated balls with which to run around the course trying to get a regular soccer ball into their opponent’s goal. The key difference is that their entire body is encased inside a giant air filled bubble. With which they are able to collide and knock into opponent’s to knock them over and try to make progress towards their goal. A fun reinvention of the classic game of soccer and is a great icebreaker for corporate events, project graduations, birthdays, and any large event you can think of.


* If physical individual skill based games are more your thing then you might try your hand at the the Extreme G-Force Challenge an incredible 150’ Obstacle Course! The obstacle course is designed in a similar way that a military obstacle course would be set up during Basic Training. It is one continuous course designed to test participants in a variety of events to see if they can make it through the grueling gauntlet of objectives until they come out the other side a proven and test G-Force warrior. An Excellent test of personal ability, skill, and confidence building for corporate events, University and College events, Project Graduations and much more. Do you have what it takes to tackle the Extreme G-Force Challenge?


* Ever wondered what it would be like to Sumo Wrestle? Now you can try it out without having to gain all the weight! Players don a classic Sumo suit to do battle in a ring with another opponent. Prepare for a funny yet involved event of trying to knock over your opponent in an inflatable ring to win the ultimate prize, the title of G-Force Yokozuna! Can you come out on top in this match to the finish? (Headgear required for your protection.)


* Do you have the catlike reflexes of a trained Ninja? Then, “wipeout balls” is the agility course for you. The goal is simple, start on one side and make it to the other. Sounds easy right? Easier said than done is more like it. Climb to the top of the launch platform then you must cross by running swiftly or jumping from ball to ball without falling off into the pit. Can you channel your inner ninja skills and quickly cross this deceptively simple yet complex game? We would like to see you try!


* Are you ready to challenge your friends in a head on competition based game for 2 or up to 6 players? Get ready to wreck your friends in this game where the goal is to knock everyone else off of their platforms. In the center of the inflatable is a giant wrecking ball which gets thrown around at enemy players to try to send them hurling to the floor below. Whoever gets the ball in their possession gets to send it on a path of destruction into their opponent with the hopes of knocking them off their raised platform! Fun for people of all ages! A great addition to birthday parties, weddings, project graduations, and even employees with vendetta’s at corporate events.


* Looking for an all-out duel scenario with a friend? Then try our Giant Bounce House which can be switched for a variety of different events. If you’re a boxing fan try out the boxing version which allows players to put on giant inflatable boxing gloves to knock each other out of the platform. But wait, maybe you like to wield a weapon? Then the Jousting version may just be up your alley with each player in possession of a giant cylinder to try and take each other out of the combat area! But what if you’re a pacifist? Well we also got something for you as well with the inflatable being able to be just used as a giant bounce house! Every wins! Or do they?


* Are you in search of a thrill! Well if you’re the adrenaline type then the Giant 27’ inflatable slide is meant for you! This two lane slide is designed to bring customers to the top of their dreams and then allow them to fall back to the real world with the rest of us! It’s a lot like trying to climb the corporate ladder just to lose your job and plummet back to the bottom (just without the real life struggles that come with it).


* Say Cheese! (Unless your lactose intolerant.) Come experience the fun and excitement that is the large photo booth right here at G-Force Adventures and available as a mobile activity. This is the perfect way to commemorate your special time with us either in store or at your event. With a variety of options and settings make this a memory you can take home with you forever. Great for corporate events, fairs, College and University events, and birthdays! Walk in with a smile and walk away with a memory.


* Ultimate twister 64 is a reinvention of the classic Twister™ game by Hasbro™ that we all know and love. It can be used both inside and outside and is guaranteed to deliver both a unique experience you will never forget as well as much laughter. The rules are very similar to the original but with a lot more space and colored dots. Find yourself in positions that would rival even a intense yoga class as you move various limbs to their designated colored circle. Be the last one standing (or twisted into a pretzel) and win! There is also a team versus team mode available for large groups such as in birthday parties, corporate events, and project graduations!


* Are you ready to step into the octagon to become the G-Force GaGa Ball Champion? The rules are simple players are encased in a wooden arena where they must wage dodgeball like war against one another to determine the winner. The goal is to hit other players below the knees with the ball. After just a few minutes another ball is added to intensify the match which makes it possible to get out even the most exemplary of players. This is a fun party game for people of all ages. It’s a great addition to birthday parties, school events, and project graduations.


* The Football Challenge one of our sport orientated interactive inflatables designed to test a player’s ability to maneuver a football into one of the goals. Do you have what it takes to be the next football all-star? Or maybe you once were and you want to test your skills once again. Designed to be accessible and entertaining for people of all ages and skill. Face off against a friend in a healthy competition or play alone to hone your inner quarterback.


* The Basketball challenge is for all those looking to get those NBA all-star skills on with privately or with friends. Looking to see if you can shoot the 3? Try our hit interactive inflatable and see if you can rival the likes of legends with the ability to make shots of your dreams. Each player is given 2 balls with which to shoot shots with. Can you make more shots than your friends? Or maybe you can break your own high score!


* The Soccer Challenge is a test of pure skill and technique as players must make shots that get the two soccer balls they’re given into precise holes in the inflatable. The first one to get both of their balls through the holes and headed towards their opponents lane wins! It is great for working on technique and precision. An excellent addition to any event from schools to corporate events, that are designed to put players in a fast paced competition showdown.


* Our Skee Ball Inflatable game is designed to take players back to the days of an old arcade and carnival games. Do you have the skill and finesse required to roll the ball down the lane to land in one of the holes? See if you have what it takes to get a high score and become a G-Force Skee Ball legend. It is designed to be a fun addition to other events and for people of all ages. So take your chance and see if you have the technique required to master this old school game reinvented as a modernized inflatable.


* Ever wonder what it’s like to feel weightless? How about training like a real life NASA astronaut? Well lucky for you G-Force Laser Tag dba G-Force Adventures has access to the same technological advancements that our astronauts used to have to experience weightlessness and prepare for the force placed on the body during space flights. This fun and unique concept is guaranteed to leave you with memories that can be remembered for years to come. It allows players to be able to spin in 360 degree rotations.


* Looking for a tent to help house your special event? We provide tents of all sizes big or small we do them all! We provide the most professional and quality tents for your professional needs. Hosting a wedding, birthday, outside corporate event, project graduation, or any outside school event? Then make sure to give us all call we have a tent that will meet your needs and keep foods, guests, equipment, tables, chairs, and pretty much anything that will fit under them from the sun or rain on your special day.



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